Social media, data sources and digital engagement in the modern age are disrupting and reconfiguring processes of development, production, distribution and exhibition. And as filmmakers we are having to rethink the way we understand, engage with and develop projects for our audience.

Modern Tales is a 5- month story and professional development initiative for emerging Diverse filmmakers, devised by Bushfire Digital and Script Cube. It focuses on the creative and market-conscious inception, set-up, development and exploitation of all aspects of long form dramatic fiction across this reshaped media landscape.

Modern Tales will enhance filmmakers' ability to exploit the opportunities that the new processes and new forms of storytelling present in the digital age. Our training programme up-skills diverse filmmakers and filmmaking teams with entrepreneurial strategies and encourages ways to reconceive approaches to storytelling.

Firstly we will provide a deeper understanding of the core principles of dramatic storytelling and development. We will then ally this to a new awareness of the interdependent contexts of creative, entrepreneurial and data driven production and dissemination of fictional storytelling. The result: participants will gain significant competitive advantages in the changing digital media industry landscape.


As we rethink the way we tell stories, we have to rethink the way we train to make great films that reach their audience.

The Modern Tales approach focuses on you the individual, your idiosyncrasy, intellect and imagination as the central resources for all your stories; on the power of the creative team, encouraging collaboration as the imperative for successful content creation and on the audience as the context not just in which your work is received but also created and produced.