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Our Vision



The evolution of digital media has had a profound effect on the creation and consumption of filmed content. As filmmakers we have to rethink our way of engaging with story, development and audience awareness. We believe that:

• We need to review, refresh and revitalize the ecosystem

• We need more savvy, more empowered and better equipped filmmakers

• We need to make diversity a competitive edge in the supply chain

• We need structural and cultural change across the industry to embed diversity in the talent pool


Modern Tales will support individual filmmakers and filmmaking teams with the necessary strategies to:

• Learn basic and evolved story and production skills

• Conceive the best possible methodology, from idea conception through distribution for their projects

• Receive timely and appropriate training and support for project development

This range of activities and opportunities will be available through the creation of our online community. On this unique platform filmmakers can share on-going projects and completed content, they can experience peer to peer learning and team building and be made aware of opportunities for further work.

Modern Tales will also undertake research to look at creating evidence based strategies for training and employment, in how best to support practitioners in meeting the needs of a diverse industry; this will help engender in the industry quantifiable ways to sustain diverse practice