Our Vision





Modern Tales is a series of course days with the specific aim of supporting BAME, women and emerging diverse filmmakers to develop the vital creative, entrepreneurial and audience-focused skills in the making of long form fiction projects.

The evolution of digital media has had a profound impact on the filmmaking industry. As filmmakers we are having to rethink the way we understand, engage with and develop projects for our audience.

Modern Tales will equip diverse filmmakers and filmmaking teams with a deeper understanding of the necessary concepts and strategies they require to reconceive their approach to storytelling.

Our course days offer filmmakers a deeper understanding of new processes in the digital age and will enhance filmmakers' ability to exploit the opportunities that these evolving forms of storytelling present.


Through new creative training techniques and an innovative teaching framework, the course days will produce confident industry-ready filmmakers with the flexibility to develop long form narrative content in different ways over multiple platforms

We will focus on:

  • Activating your imagination and intellect to build solid and original foundations for your storytelling
  • Empowering your creative team to collaborate efficiently and effectively to support your unique vision
  • Establishing your relationships with your core audience and the industry to realise your potential in the marketplace