Project Development



Modern Tales offers full bursary support for up to 10 teams applying for project development - these teams should be made up of a writer, director (or writer/director) and producer. For these selected teams, access to the course will be completely free.

The 8 course days form the backbone of your project’s development; in the two week period between each course day, the teams will be required to perform creative development exercises as directed by their course tutors to continue the progression of your projects. Project development will be further supported through monthly meetings with the course tutors as well as feedback from selected industry experts and your peer community provided in the form of online support for each project’s development.

  • Over the course of the 8 days and during the development work that happens between the sessions, your project will grow from ideas stage to a properly fleshed out story.

  • Each project will generate a portfolio of material to create an industry package demonstrating evidence of a developed story, creative vision, marketing and financing plan and an audience engagement strategy.

  • After the course all the projects will be presented to executives in the film, TV and online industries at a special industry session. Writer, director and producer will all be fully engaged in presenting their package in as developed and industry ready a state as possible.

  • The creation of an online community will benefit each team by providing peer-to-peer support, learning and exchange between the selected project development teams and Modern Tales tutors and industry mentors. This virtual community will continue to provide a constructive ongoing resource beyond the programme as you push your projects closer to commission and into production, distribution and exhibition.


Application for teams of writer, director (or writer/director) and producer.

If you wish to apply to Modern Tales as a team you will need to present a fresh and exciting piece of long form fiction, for film, TV, interactive or for online.  The project can be in the early stages but you will be asked to provide documentation on your project when you apply.

As part of the application process, teams will be required to complete a creative task. We will choose the teams we believe are most suited to this programme in terms of how you handle the task, your film experience, the ambition of the project and its overall viability.

At the end of the 5-month course the teams will be invited to present your projects at a pitching session that will appraise the status of each project and offer each team advice on the road ahead. 

 Filmmaking Teams will receive:

  • Free access to full 8 course days over 5 months
  • Team project development, geared towards the needs of each member of the team as well as the project itself
  • Access to online support - peer community and industry mentors
  • A final project presentation session  


Applications for Project Development are now closed.

Visit our course page for further details on how you can still get involved.

Project development is particularly targeted at diverse filmmaking teams from the BAME, women and disabled communities. 

Filmmaking teams of writer, director (or writer/director) and producer applying for project development, which includes access to all 8 course days, please apply here by submitting the online form, downloading the Project Development Application Guidelines here then emailing all supporting material to projectdevelopment@moderntales.co.uk

Deadline for applications is Noon Thursday, 9th March 2017. Shortlisted applicants must be available for interview on 10th or 11th March 2017. Project teams will be admitted to the Modern Tales programme on the basis of success at the interview stage. 

Download Project Development Application Guidelines for further details.

If you require any support or assistance please contact us at info@moderntales.co.uk


Fees for Project development (including all 8 course days) is £700 per whole team. However, course fees will be underwritten by a full bursary for the teams selected to participate in Project Development.