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Driving Diversity Standards with a Fresh Lens, Modern Tales Creates Route into UK Film Industry.

London – January 2017

Bushfire Digital & Script Cube combine their expertise in the film industry to create an innovative professional development programme for emerging diverse filmmakers. This programme is supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, with BFI’s Film Forever National Lottery Funds.

Storytelling is at the heart of our industry and Modern Tales aims to bring together the uniqueness, intellect and imagination of emerging filmmaking talent to act as the central resource for their stories.

The development programme will create and nurture a new community of filmmakers and digital storytellers with industry-ready expertise.

This unique 5- month programme based in Central London offers:

  • 8 training sessions in the creation and marketing of fictional material for film, TV and online platforms
  • Online support from industry mentors
  • Access to an online peer community
  • Individual project development for selected teams
  • The opportunity for those teams participating in project development to progress with a finished long-form fiction project and additional content packaged in a portfolio to present to industry.

Phase one of the programme will be delivered between January – May 2017, with scope for continued engagement across media platforms.

The programme is uniquely positioned to tackle ‘diversity mobilisation’ differently by facilitating growth at two levels:

  1. Focusing on Emerging Filmmaking Talent: Empowering filmmakers with distinctive and diverse backgrounds to achieve different ways to develop narratives of stories that reflect their individuality and particular world view

  2. Focusing on Diverse Stories: Through an effective holistic training methodology, utilising an innovative teaching framework and engagement with interactive media platforms, the programme will produce industry-ready, confident filmmakers able to increase representation in the UK film industry with high quality content diversifying the landscape and audience appeal.

Script Cube and Bushfire Digital believe that we need BAME and female film-makers to get their ideas heard by investors, to be given production opportunities and the means with which to engage audiences across different platforms. With the UK BAME population projected to increase by 2030 from 13% to 20% according to consensus national statistics, it is vitally important for the industry to incubate and nurture diverse talent in a focused and progressive context.

According to the latest employment census from Creative Skillset, the industry skills body for the Creative Industries, BAME representation in the industry declined across production, distribution and exhibition from 2009-12. BAME employment in the film-production sector fell from 10% to 3%.

Women - 51% of the UK population - do not fare much better. Between 2007-14, the BFI reports the average annual proportion of women film directors in the UK to be 12%. Women writers come in at 15%.

Modern Tales offers an authentic, courageous and transformative approach to tackling the BFI’s 4 diversity standards:

  • Onscreen representation, themes & narratives
  • Project leadership & creative practitioners
  • Industry access & opportunities
  • Opportunities for diversity in audience development

Post #OscarsSoWhite controversy and articles early in 2016 in ScreenDaily such as: ‘Can the UK film industry meet the diversity challenge?’ Modern Tales represents a fresh initiative to empower diverse filmmaking talent in the UK film industry.

About Creative Skillset

Creative Skillset works with the UK’s screen-based creative industries to develop skills and talent, from classroom to boardroom.

About the Film Skills Fund

Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund invests in the skills and training of the UK film industry to secure its growth and sustainability ensuring UK film remains world-class. The Film Skills Fund is backed by the British Film Institute (BFI) with the National Lottery funds.

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Modern Tales

Unique Story Development Programme from Bushfire Digital & Script Cube

Modern Tales is a 5-month story and professional development programme for emerging diverse filmmakers, particularly focused on BAME and female talent. The programme offers training, support and expert intervention in both the creative and market-conscious inception and development of a long-form fiction project.

How it works

Storytelling is at the heart of our industry. The successful ‘genius’ creative project is not simply a single light-bulb moment. It is the result of focused imaginative thinking, as well as creative and entrepreneurial flexibility, which can then effectively take these compelling stories into multiple formats and onto the various platforms that characterise the 21st century Film, TV and digital media ecosystem.

There are any given number of opportunities for writers, directors and producers to access script development training; innovatively this holistic approach will provide both the creative and business next step to the emerging filmmaker. The focus takes the filmmakers from shorts to first feature or first feature to second feature; it can also draw filmmakers from successful careers in other disciplines such as art, photography and theatre. To this end our training will encompass a wide range of content production such as drama series, web based content, and cross platform interactive media. The focus is on the process in order to elicit the right outcome for the specific material.

Our approach involves focusing on the individual, their idiosyncrasy, intellect and imagination as the central resource for all their stories; on the creative team, empowering high level cross discipline collaboration as the imperative for successful content creation and by focusing on the audience as the context not just in which their work is received but also created and produced.

David Rendle