Can I come along to the sessions if I am not in a team?

Yes you can. Individual filmmakers are welcome to come to every one of the eight course days and will benefit from the core learning as well as the presence of industry experts to help with your projects and your career path.

To apply for Project Development do I need to have all three key talents involved, i.e. producer, writer and director?

Yes you do. A writer/ director needs to apply with a producer; a writer and director also need a producer. A producer needs both writer and director. The minimum size of a team is two people: a writer/director and a producer.

When applying for Project Development, do I need to already have a full draft of my project?

It’s not important to come with a completed draft of your project that you will develop as part of Modern Tales Project Development. You need to have some documentation prepared but the material will develop extensively over the course of the programme and that is more important than the material you arrive with. Please see Project Development Application Guidelines for further details.

If I want to apply for Project Development will you help me find partners to form a team with, so that I can apply?

Unfortunately we can’t do that – you must build your own team.

Will there be bursaries for travel, childcare, and disabled carer support for Project Development teams accepted onto Modern Tales?

In certain cases we may be to help out with travel, childcare and carer support for those who do not live in London, for those with childcare issues and if you are disabled. If your application is successful you can let us know and we will discuss with you. This is only available for Project Development teams.

What is the difference between booking to attend the Course and applying for Project Development?

Individual filmmakers can book to attend the course on any day they choose on a first come first served basis. You can book for only 1 session or multiple sessions across the 8 course days and we will operate a waiting list where necessary. Discounts are available for multiple session bookings of 5 and above.

Only teams of writer, director (or writer/director) and producer can apply for Project Development, which includes access to all 8 course days. Teams must apply with a project and undergo a selection process, the final stage of which is an interview with course tutors. Not all applicants will be accepted. We also offer full bursary support for teams accepted for project development. Please download Project Development Application Guidelines for further details.

As an individual could the Course be a way for me to meet or get in contact with other filmmakers?

We believe it will, though we can’t promise you will find your perfect working partner! The course days will provide networking opportunities and the online community that will be created, as part of Modern Tales will be accessible to you too. The whole programme of Modern Tales is designed to encourage the development of an on-going, evolving peer-based community.

Are there any discounts available for the Course or Project Development?

For course bookings there are discounts for multiple session bookings of 5 or more. Please see the fees section on Course page for further details.

There are currently no discounts for Project Development but we are actively exploring ways to introduce support for those in need of it. Please follow our social media feeds for latest details.

We are also happy to discuss staggered payment plans depending on your circumstances. We aim to do our best to facilitate your presence at Modern Tales, so please get in touch if you need help with this.