Working Off-Grid

Working Off-Grid


Digital-free development work. Providing a brief ‘detox’ from the digital invasion of information so we find the space to confront our creative spirit.

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Working Off-Grid

The objective of this course day is to challenge ourselves to think in fresh ways about our regular working practice, to think about who we are as filmmakers and what we are seeking to achieve.

At the end of the course day you will have learnt how to collaborate more effectively with our core team members and you will have developed a better methodology for the whole filmmaking process.

Session One: The Source of Modern Storytelling

What underpins modern stories and what can we learn from the history of dramatic narrative? We will examine the oral and visual traditions that are the basis of contemporary story construction, making specific reference to Aristotle, oral narratives, and the use of visual media from millennia ago. This is a return to source in order to reflect on our storytelling practices today.

Session Two: Story Premise

The meaning of each story we create can be elusive and very difficult to describe, so how do we ensure we build narratives with solid meaning for the audience? We will examine our film narrative through its world worldview, the nature of conflict and the themes being explored. Understanding this process will guide you towards a much stronger grasp of the fundamental principles that steer ideas towards production.

Session Three: Collaborative Story Development

Collaboration is key to successful story development. Working in groups and with the support of tutors, we will explore the roles we adopt in the key creative development triangle of writer, director and producer.

From the perspective of each role, how do we they see the story, what do we believe it is trying to say and how do we imagine it might come across to a potential audience? Interactive role-play will be key to this session, in freeing us to imagine scenarios from each of these perspectives and so contemplate the most useful ways to collaborate as a team.

Sessions Four & Five: Story Playtime

Storytelling is imagination. It is invention. It is play! We need to remind ourselves of the urgency and immediacy with which stories can possess us. In groups that will be supported by tutors, each participant will contribute to the creation of a story, characters and world, inventing scenes through improvisation. Then in an activity that harks back to the very origins of the cinematic process, we will condense a selection of these scenes into flip–books with the world-renowned illustrator and flip-book creator Jean Vincent Senac, and so realise a story idea in miniature, with a clear premise, world, characters and narrative shape.

Session date and time

Saturday 8th April 2017, 11:00 - 17:00

Poplar Union, 2 Cotall St, Poplar, London, E14 6TL