Ideas Generation

Ideas Generation


This course takes you through fresh ways to develop great, solid ideas when building a narrative story, providing a clear, comprehensive and versatile tool kit.

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How do you build an idea from scratch?

This day will set you up to help you build a narrative story and work out whether the story can grow into a makeable piece of professional fiction. You may have developed a methodology for ideas creation which to date has suited you well. But does it suit everything you are trying to develop? Have you got a clear, comprehensive and versatile tool kit for ideas generation?

The day will be divided into sessions, which will include:

Dramatic principles

Why do we historically build stories in the way we do? Working from early 20th century screen storytelling in the West, via African and Asian cinema, we will look at how different film languages have emerged.


2000 years ago, Aristotle understood the primary function of story development in terms of audience engagement. We will look at how this helped creative narrative structures that facilitated the interest of the audience and allowed the writer to explore different story types, even with similar storylines.

How to Build an Idea - What's in your toolbox?

When we have an idea, we have to test it against a number of criteria to ensure it is robust enough to withstand the storm that development inevitably creates. We will look at archetypal methodologies of ideas development, such as mind mapping, flow-chart working, character profiling, story bibles and industry-focused development documents.

The concept of the ‘comparable’

How do you create the elusive ‘original but also familiar or recognisable’ story? This is an art that is often misused and poorly handled, resulting in the filmmakers appearing out of touch with their own material as well as the market place. This is a crucial how best to generate and present an idea in early development.

Stories from the Industry coalface

The final session will look at the pitfalls of story development with invaluable insights from industry professionals about the mistakes they’ve made, the best way to get an idea to gain traction, how to get in the room and then how to sell the project and yourself.


Kolton Lee - Director, Journalist & Novelist (Freestyle, Cherps)

Tracy Elner - Writer (Blue Eye)

Alicia Duffy - Writer/Director (All Good Children, The Most Beautiful Man in The World)

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More speakers to be announced

Where and when?

Saturday 25th March 2017, 11:00 - 17:00

Time & Talents, The Old Mortuary, St Marychurch Street, London, SE16 4JE