The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Entrepreneurial Spirit


Fresh approaches to production, distribution and exhibition in a hybrid world. Find ways to exploit new opportunities and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.


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Finding and engaging an audience from development onwards through to production, distribution and exhibition; adding value through hybrid distribution and curated platforms like We Are Colony, Mubi and Film Doo

This session is about creative entrepreneurship and finding ways to exploit new opportunities and new pathways in film production, distribution and exhibition.

The session starts first with focussing on the entrepreneurial mind-set and activating the business mind utilising neuroscientific approaches. Knowing how the mind works is crucial to optimising it to deliver consistently and effectively. How can we use this knowledge and understanding to help prime the brain for the creative and business challenges of the 21st century media landscape?

Sessions will look at how to increase the plasticity, flexibility and suppleness of the brain, how to stay out of your comfort zones and embrace curiosity, new patterns and risk, developing a truly entrepreneurial mindset.

Sessions will continue by unpacking the latest strategic management and entrepreneurial methodologies like Lean Start up and Value proposition/Business model canvas, planning tools imported from the world of digital innovation.

Finally we explore the impact of social media, online platforms for sharing content and the proliferation of video on demand (VOD) and streaming (SVOD) services on the development of ideas, right through production, distribution and exhibition.

Date: Saturday 3rd June 2017

Location: Green Rooms, 13-27 Station Road, Wood Green, London, N22 6UW. See map.

Speakers : Stephen Follows, Paul Trijbits