Different Formats & Platforms

Different Formats & Platforms


This course day explores what kinds of stories are currently being delivered for audiences across different formats and platforms and examines their potential for the future.

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The course day analyses the impact of telling stories designed for a specific format in new ways, offering insight into creating story worlds that can produce content across multiple platforms, exploiting your intellectual property, extending your project’s reach and growing audience engagement through different media.

  • Engage with story development on different platforms such as social media and web platforms;
  • Gain insights into story development in different formats such as series, serials and interactive;

  • Acquire practical tools for creating and extending your story world to encompass the potential for opening out into different formats and platforms;

  • Identify potential for audience engagement and value added intellectual property.


Victoria Mapplebeck

Alison Norrington

Baby Isako


Green Rooms, 13 - 27 Station Road, Wood Green, London, N22 6UW