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Modern Tales offers a unique training development for any filmmaker to explore the nature of storytelling, the best format and content for the story and the different ways to get the work out in front of an audience.

Modern Tales encourages innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit in all the diverse talent with whom we work. The current programme, ending in December 2017, comprised the courses below. Announcements of courses for 2018 will be made shortly.



As an individual you can attend 1 course day or as many as you feel are relevant to you. The value of this is that you can dip in and out and there is no obligation to sign up for all the 8 days. However, you might find that once you start you want to be part of the whole course! You don’t have to come with a project in development. Just bring yourself. Course content is relevant to writers, directors, producers and development executives.

Individual filmmakers will be admitted on a first come first served basis and you can attend as many sessions as you wish. There is no selection process. Discounts will be provided for multiple session booking.

All participants on any one of the eight course days will be offered the opportunity to join the Modern Tales online community for peer engagement and sharing, as well as access to additional content.

The Course Directors, Angeli Macfarlane and Femi Kolade will manage the teaching on the course. We will invite brilliant and innovative speakers and industry experts to contribute to individual course days. As their presence is confirmed, the website will be updated.


Fees for each Course day: £100 per session. If you purchase five sessions or more at the same time you will receive a discount:

  • 2 Course Days - £150 (-10%)
  • 3 Course Days - £250 (-10%)
  • 4 Course Days - £350 (-10%) 
  • 5 Course Days - £450 (-10%)
  • 6 Course Days - £540 (-10%)

The course is particularly targeted at diverse filmmakers from the BAME, women and disabled communities.

If you require any support or assistance please contact us at