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Professional development and career opportunities  for Diverse Filmmakers

Modern Tales delivers training and professional development opportunities to support and sustain diverse filmmakers in the audiovisual landscape today. 

Our goal is to provide:

  • Bespoke craft training for industry entrants, emerging and mature practitioners in off-screen roles
  • Support for diverse voices through innovative creative story development
  • Effective audience engagement strategies that give diverse filmmakers crucial competitive edge

  • Inspiration for inventive entrepreneurship that enhances market penetration and a stronger foothold in the industry.


Our Vision

Modern Tales was launched in 2016 and provides an integrated approach to the development of filmmaking talent through the organisation of training programmes, the curation of an online platform for our global network of filmmakers and the provision of a broad range of content for industry partners.



Current Programme

Modern Tales will conclude its first Training Programme in December 2017. Over eight months 11 groups of writer, director and producer teams have received training, development and business support as they create long-form fiction pieces for Film, TV and Online. All projects have undergone considerable development from ideas generation to online test and learn initiatives to fully prepared project presentation packages for the industry. 

Speakers on the programme included:

Lee Magiday  - Producer (The Lobster, The Favourite)

Nathaniel Martello White – Actor, Writer & Director and Star of Tomorrow 2017

Nirpal Bhogal – Director and Writer (First Born, Misfits)

Gillies Mackinnon – Director (Whisky Galore, Hideous Kinky)

Lisa Walters – Channel 4 Drama

Leo Davis – Casting Director (The Constant Gardner, Dirty Pretty Things, Philomena)

Nabil Elouahabi – Top Boy, Strikeback, Eastenders, Oslo, Charlie Wilson’s Wa

Click here to see our Speakers page for more information.


Our Team

Modern Tales was created by Femi Kolade and Angeli Macfarlane following two significant collaborative experiences: helping to create and establish the Central Film School in London and running the Academy of South East Asian Filmmakers in collaboration with MOFILM.