Professional development courses for Emerging Filmmakers

Modern Tales provides professional development courses for BAME, women and emerging diverse filmmakers. Our goal is to:

  • Support diverse voices through innovative creative story development
  • Promote effective audience engagement strategies that give diverse filmmakers crucial competitive edge

  • Encourage inventive entrepreneurship that enhances market penetration and a stronger foothold in the industry.


Our Vision

Modern Tales is a story and professional development initiative created by Bushfire Digital and Script Cube for emerging BAME, female and disabled filmmakers. The programme supports writers, directors and producers in the development of long form dramatic fiction that is both market conscious and creative in its inception, set-up, development and execution.



The core of the Programme consists of 8 Course days spread out over 5 months, which are available to all filmmakers. Additionally the programme also offers a Project Development scheme, which incorporates the 8 Course days as well as a schedule of supplementary activities free for 10 selected filmmaking teams.

Industry Speakers include

Kolton Lee - Director, Journalist & Novelist (Freestyle, Blood
Nathaniel Martello White - Actor, Writer & Director (People, Places & Things, Deadmeat
Nirpal Bhogal - Director & Writer (First Born, Misfits)
Tracy Elner - Writer (Blue Eye)

Click here to see our Speakers page for more information.


Our Team

Modern Tales was created by Femi Kolade and Angeli Macfarlane following two significant collaborative experiences: helping to create and establish the Central Film School in London and running the Academy of South East Asian Filmmakers in collaboration with MOFILM.